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Good morning !

Want to move your body? To feel all your little muscles down to the deepest ones that you didn't thought existed until now? To lenghten and feel flexible and free like the savannah gazelle? Or are you already doing a lot of things and the idea would be to find a discipline to complement or compensate or optimize?


Whatever your driving force, Pilates is an ideal discipline as it meets a ton of needs: it will strengthen you, give you energy, refine you, lengthen you, make you more flexible, strengthen you, protect your joints, improve your coordination... I could go on and on but know that the best way to understand how Pilates can help you is by coming and experiencing it. 

I'm Coralie and this is my "Pilates story"

For my part, I discovered Pilates in Brazil in 2007 where we had just moved with 3 young children.

The thing that I particularly liked at the start was the fact of being able to practice a sport quite quickly after pregnancies with cesarean sections, without hurting myself and even finding a certain challenge in it. At that time, Pilates helped me to regain muscular sensations especially in the abdominal area and I subsequently appreciated thousands of other subtle things that this method brings (And, after more than 15 years of practice, I'm still discovering more!)

I quickly became a real fan so, as I wasn't working at the time (I have a Business School background, nothing to do with it 🙃), I decided to train in Pilates in Curitiba. Once I got my diploma, I taught my first lessons there.

Back to France in 2012 and big existential question: return to "serious" job in a company or would it be possible to mix pleasure and work? You guessed the answer! I did a second training in Paris and I open MyPilatesHouse in the Paris suburbs.

We went to live abroad again in 2017 and I took the opportunity to continue training: on machines this time, in Toronto, Canada. There, my awesome students & I experienced online classes during COVID!

Back in Paris in 2020: MyPilatesHouse continues to grow... and I discover in 2022 another face of this method, after a serious cycling accident which will require 2 back operations: its power of rehabilitation! 

Here I am now in Luxembourg where MyPilatesHouse has found its most beautiful setting: a large, bright room and more machines than ever!

This little presentation was to tell you that I loved training in the method all over the world, in different schools, that practicing Pilates regularly has become essential for me and teaching it gives it an other dimension.​


I would be delighted to answer all your questions about this discipline and help you discover all its benefits.

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