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The reformer consists of a sliding bench called carriage, equipped with springs, bars and straps. Accessories are also used for some exercises: jump board, long box, short box, long straps, etc.

What the reformer brings in addition to Pilates on the mat is the resistance work of the springs which will make it possible to guide the movement, to correct possible imbalances in the body and, depending on the exercises, to reinforce the difficulty (by creating movement and instability for example) or on the contrary to help (by supporting the movement or helping to sense the oppositions). We can therefore modulate the intensity more easily. Hence the interest also in practicing it in individual sessions.

Another advantage of springs is that they can strengthen muscles while lengthening them.

Reformer classes are individual

Please contact me to set a day and time.


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Swan on long box
Mermaid with rotation
Hug a tree
High lunge
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