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Thank you for making us discover muscles and bones of which we were not at all aware and which now remember us fondly!


Coralie's Pilates classes are really great! She is an exceptional teacher, very professional but always with a touch of humor and encouragement. His classes are well organized and his explanations detailed to ensure that the movements are done with optimization and without injury. Great for all levels!


You introduced me to Pilates some time after the birth of my youngest and it did me a lot of good. Since then, I have been happily anticipating your classes! You are a wonderful teacher and your students in France will be very lucky


Thank you Coralie for making me love Pilates and working on the small deep muscles. Your classes were always different and complete. Having had back problems for years, it helped me enormously and the fact that you were nearby correcting our postures during classes was very reassuring. See you soon!


I discovered Pilates and loved it thanks to a great teacher!


Thank you for making me love Pilates, your classes are always great!


A follower of Pilates for years, I was won over; Deep muscle strengthening is a fantastic asset for keeping in shape and shaping the body while building muscle in a harmonious manner. It is also a great way to alleviate or avoid any joint problems. I am delighted to take classes with Coralie. Very concerned with teaching us good postures, she offers us progressive and very professional courses. At the end of the class, you feel relaxed, supple, energized and grown all at the same time!


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